Exterior Painting

Exterior painting starting at just $25 per sq/m.

Exterior painting for all aspects of the outdoors. We’re able to restore weathered outdoor exteriors and. make them look modern and new. Our outdoor service covers eaves, gutters, exterior doors, windows, weatherboards, garage doors, bricks, fiber cement, cement render, decking, fences, roofing, concrete and brick waterproofing, and stones and tile sealing.

We work very efficiently and don’t like to waste time so that your project is complete as soon as possible. When painting the exterior of a home, it is important to know that weather plays a big part. We make sure that we allocate your timeslot with the weather in mind so that there’s no having to reschedule.

Our team are very experienced at exterior painting, simply call us to get your renovations started. We’ll come and give you a free no-obligation quote and get started as soon as possible.

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